Spesifikasi Receiver Premium HD 12900 4K

Spesifikasi Receiver Premium HD 12900 4K – Sekarang ini Receiver IKS telah menjadi salah satu produk receiver incaran bagi para tracker ataupun pecinta parabola. Pada artikel ini akan dibahas salah satu dari receiver yang sudah mendukung IKS yaitu Premium 12900 HD.

Receiver yang satu ini berbeda dengan receiver-receiver lain pada umumnya yang harganya relatif murah, sedangkan untuk receiver IKS ini harganya berkisar diatas rata-rata satu jutaan lebih, tetapi pada artikel ini tidak akan membahas harganya melainkan akan membahas spesifikasinya.

Spesifikasi Receiver Premium HD 12900 4K

Berikut ini adalah spesifikasi dari Receiver Premium 12900 4K :

  • Chipset apowerful CPU Ali-2661 New Dual Core 1GHz CPU 4000 DMIPS with ALIM 2661
  • Memiliki kecepatan memori 512 MB
  • Memiliki ukuran Memori Flash 16MB
  • Sudah mendukung Ukuran Maximum 4K 60fps 2160*3840
  • 15 Bulan forever sharing server
  • 12 Bulan IPTV Apolo
  • 12 Bulan IPFOX IPTV (option)
  • Kapasitas penyimpanan mencapai 20,000 siaran TV dan radio
  • Internal image processor
  • Support for Signal ZOOM for easy installation
  • Hardware and software support for HDR – HLG – WCG
  • Sudah mendukung VP9 and H265 codecs with 10 bit color depth
  • Sudah mendukung 3D channels , DVD-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X, H265, 4K 60fs
  • Hardware capability for noise removal and image skipping
  • Powerful tuner with the ability to amplify weak signals
  • Supports all kinds of resolutions , 576i 50Hz, 576P 50Hz, 720P 50Hz, 1080P 24Hz, 1080P 25Hz, 1080i 50Hz, 1080P 50Hz, 2160 25Hz, 2160 50Hz
  • With one remote control
  • With a Long USB-WIFI with strong Signal Receive
  • Sudah mendukung Wifi Dongle 7601 and 5730
  • Memiliki dua port USB with excellent support for all types of external hard drives 2.5” and 3.5”
  • Sudah mendukung SPDF / COAXIAL
  • Easy Menu , beautiful
  • Sudah mendukung LNB Cband / Kuband
  • Support DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 USALS
  • Best support for all types of Sharing protocols such as CCCam, NewCam
  • Advanced Search and Blind Search for Satellites
  • Network Search ability
  • With GREEN panel
  • With RJ45 LAN port
  • Include HDMI version 2.0 output
  • Support AV output
  • PID Editability
  • Multi-satellite search capability
  • Ability for search Frequencies and support multi TP Search
  • Sudah mendukung VPN
  • Sudah mendukung bahasa Persia dan Support bahasa lain
  • Ability to Display Persian , Arabic subtitles along with the ability to edit user preferences
  • Ability to translate movies and programs online into various languages including Farsi , Arabic
  • 8 categories of favorite channels and up to 100 categories
  • Ability to edit and move channels in FAV list
  • Bitrate channels display
  • Upgrade via USB and via internet
  • Persian and Arabic and several languages Teletext Support
  • Network and Internet connection via wireless, LAN cable and 3G
  • YouTube, IPTV, and support for m3u and m3u8 files
  • G-MScreen, DLNA DMR, DLNA DMP, WiFi Direct
  • 3G modem support (SIM modem)
  • One card reader (CA)
  • Support Automatic update Name of Channels
  • Adjustable manual and automatic clock, recording timer and adjustable sleep timer
  • Passwords on decoder with different access
  • Standby mode during power outages and automatic and manual adjustability
  • Pause while recording and in normal PAUSE channel viewing
  • Support Sat2IP , Net Photo , Quran Live
  • Support SSSP and Twin Protocol capability
  • Streaming and controlling capabilities with Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets
  • Support X-TIMESHIFT
  • support to Record in TS or PS format

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Dan demikianlah spesifikasi dari receiver Premium 12900 HD 4K.Semoga dapat bermanfaat dan membantu.


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